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Ambassador Rahm Emanuel Debuts USA Pavilion Design for Expo 2025 Osaka
January 31, 2024

Ambassador Rahm Emanuel revealed on January 31 the design of the USA pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka. Joined by Minister for World Expo 2025, Jimi Hanako, and pavilion architect, Trey Trahan, Ambassador Emanuel said, “The United States is proud to participate in Expo 2025 with this innovative pavilion, that together with our theme of ‘Imagine What We Can Create Together,’ invites visitors to envision a future that advances the very best of humanity. Twenty-eight million visitors are expected, and we want every one of them to come through the USA pavilion that will show the best of America.

* Please feel free to use the images and video, credited to Trahan Architects, found at this Flickr link.

The striking wabi-sabi inspired exterior of the USA Pavilion consists of two triangular buildings with wooden facades, juxtaposed by an illuminated, suspended cube. Two large LED screens projecting iconic images and landmarks from the United States of America form a “canyon,” welcoming Expo attendees to visit and explore the USA.

The Pavilion cube exudes a soft glow in the evening, and the LED screens invite visitors to listen, taste, and explore.  As visitors pass under the cube, they will enter a beautiful open-air courtyard with an electrifying performance stage. Musicians, dancers, artists, speakers, and chefs representing various regions throughout the United States will provide education, entertainment, and inspiration to millions of visitors. The Pavilion will also offer regional American cuisines and an authentic retail experience. After watching a musical or cultural performance, visitors may explore the American garden comprised of plants, grasses, and flora native to the United States.

The innovative pavilion design complements the USA Pavilion theme “Imagine What We Can Create Together” which empowers humanity to make advances collectively and creatively — joining the United States in our efforts to develop advances in sustainability, space exploration, education, and entrepreneurship by encouraging exchange, collaboration and growth.

The State Department selected ES Global Inc., a global firm specializing in the planning, construction, and dismantling of temporary structures for cultural events, to design and build the USA Pavilion. ES Global partnered with New Orleans-based, Trahan Architects, to develop the innovative design of the building and Alchemy for project management. ES Global also partnered with Los Angeles-based, BRC Imagination Arts, an experiential planning and design firm, to develop immersive exhibits and storytelling allowing visitors to envision themselves studying at U.S. universities, touring various parts of the United States, appreciating our nation’s natural beauty, and joining us for an exciting journey back to the moon as well as exploration of other galaxies. Additional details regarding the exhibition and programming will be released at a later date.

Expo 2025 Osaka will open on April 13, 2025, and is expected to receive almost 30 million visitors over the course of its six-month duration. World Expos, also known in the U.S. as World’s Fairs, are historic opportunities to showcase American values, enterprise, culture, and global leadership and to work with international partners to tackle shared global challenges.

For further information and press inquiries, please contact the Expo Coordinator in Osaka-Kobe Michelle Segal (segalmf@state.gov) and/or the Expo Unit in Washington at expo@state.gov.