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Ambassador Emanuel Applauds PM Kishida's Decision to Provide Defense Equipment to Ukraine
March 4, 2022

Statement from U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel on Prime Minister Kishida’s Decision to Provide Defense Equipment to Ukraine

Once again, Prime Minister Kishida has shown the type of leadership the world is craving, and the Ukrainian people are desperate for. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.

Today’s unprecedented decision to provide critical support to Ukraine through donations of defense equipment demonstrates Japan’s strong commitment to liberty, democracy, human dignity, and international law. Every democracy has a role to play to boost the will and resistance of the Ukrainian people and military, and Japan has played that historic role.

Since President Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, Japan’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people has been crystal clear. From implementing strong sanctions against Russia to welcoming those fleeing Ukraine, under Prime Minister Kishida’s leadership, Japan has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the world and with the brave Ukrainians defending their nation.