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Press Release
Ambassador Emanuel Welcomes Prime Minister Kishida's Response to the War on Ukraine
February 25, 2022

Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel: Welcoming Prime Minister Kishida’s Leadership in Response to Putin’s Unprovoked and Unjustified War on Ukraine

We welcome and deeply appreciate Prime Minister Kishida’s strong and steady leadership today in announcing Japan’s additional sanctions on Russia. Russia will bear the massive consequences for Vladimir Putin’s choice of war and aggression, all in an effort to undermine Ukrainian independence. The blood of this attack on Ukraine is on his hands.

Japan’s swift response in collaboration with the United States and G7 members, the European Union, and Australia to implement financial sanctions against Russian banks, oligarchs, and corporate entities; suspend visa issuances; and restrict the exports of semiconductors and high-tech products will impose unprecedented economic costs on Russia for unprecedented action.

Putin’s actions against Ukraine and his threat to deploy nuclear weapons against those who peacefully stand with Ukraine are unconscionable. At this dangerous moment, the United States and Japan stand together with Ukraine, in defense of freedom, and against Putin’s assault on the core principles that uphold global peace and security.