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Ambassador Emanuel Welcomes Japan's Action against Russian Oligarchs and Sanctions on Belarus
March 3, 2022

Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel: Prime Minister Kishida’s Action Against Russian Oligarchs and Economic Sanctions on Belarus

We applaud Prime Minister Kishida’s strong leadership in deciding that Japan, for the first time, will freeze the assets of Russian oligarchs. Japan’s resolute action demonstrates clearly to Russia’s oligarchs and corrupt leaders that they can no longer enjoy the benefit of Putin’s violent regime.

Moreover, Japan’s sanctions and export controls on Belarus and its leadership, including President Lukashenko and defense officials, is further evidence of a unified global response to hold accountable those who aid and enable Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine.

Together, we are isolating Russia as it continues its descent as a pariah state, and we are committed to imposing unprecedented economic costs for Putin’s cronies and enablers.