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U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel's Donation to Ukraine
December 30, 2022

While many around the world celebrate the holiday season with family and friends, in Ukraine, millions are suffering due to Russia’s illegal war and constant civilian bombing. Today, Amy and I will do our small part to help alleviate the suffering by making a family donation of $18,000 to Sunflower of Peace, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing life-saving medical and humanitarian aid to Ukrainians most affected by the war.

The donation, as part of the “Send Warmth to Ukraine” campaign, will go specifically towards multiple generators that will provide needed electricity, warmth, and light to Ukrainians during this winter season and beyond. We chose $18,000 because the number 18 has particular significance for those of us in the Jewish faith: “18” stands for “chai,” or “life.” Amy and I are committed to doing what we can to ensure that life – not death, destruction, or despair – remains the guiding light for the people of Ukraine.

The Executive Director of Sunflower of Peace, Katya Migacheva, said in a statement: “All of us at Sunflower of Peace are so grateful to receive this generous donation from Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and his wife, Amy Rule. It came as a welcome holiday surprise and we will use this contribution to purchase generators and power stations under our ‘Send Warmth to Ukraine’ campaign. We will make sure that this thoughtful and timely gift will – quite literally – brighten the days of many Ukrainian families.”

Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan Sergiy Korsunsky stated, “I would like to thank Ambassador Emanuel and Ms. Amy Rule for their gift to the people of Ukraine. My fellow Ukrainians and I cherish their unwavering support.”