Boeing Flies with CS Japan Support

CS Tokyo composed and orchestrated a celebration of Boeing’s delivery of the world’s first 787-9 stretch airplane.  ANA became the world’s first airline to operate the original 787 and now is the first to fly the new stretched version of the Boeing Dreamliner, which accommodates 44 more passengers.  In her commemoration remarks, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy highlighted the strong bilateral business ties embodied by the 787, which has about 35 percent Japanese content.  After the ceremony on the tarmac, Boeing and Embassy reps., as well as 70 American and Japanese school children, boarded the plane and flew in a route around Mt. Fuji and Kyoto.  About 50 local and international media flew aboard as well, ensuring major coverage in print, on line and on television.  CS Japan’s Commercial Attaché Taevs and CS Koto worked to ensure a successful and well-coordinated event.  Photos: a) Ambassador Caroline Kennedy commemorates the very first 787-9 delivery and b) Top officials of Boeing Japan and ANA stand with CS Tokyo Acting SCO Heimer (far right) at the end of the maiden-flight.