Boooorn to be Mi-ld! CS Japan and Econ Staff Put Harley-Davidson Japan’s 2015 Product Launch onto Fast Track

A throng of media and a herd of HOGs that have helped make Japan Harley-Davidson’s #1 export market welcomed three, distinctive new bikes to the firm’s line up for 2015 at a pulsating launch event in Tokyo.  Harley has been in Japan over one century … just 10 years less than there has been a Harley … but it is during the last 25 years of the firm’s strong growth that CS Japan and Embassy commercial diplomacy support on regulatory, tax and other issues have been instrumental to the firm’s growth.  In part thanks to this consistent support (Harley bikes have been perennial attractions at the Fourth of July Functions in Tokyo, thanks to ComSpec Koto), Harley now boasts a 31 percent share of the market for heavy motorcycles in Japan.  Japan’s stiff requirements on rider training and a unique bike classification regime continue to block Harley from growing to potential in, so the ECON/CS team remains on the case. A yet bolder (possible?) Harley product launch and repositioning for the youth market is planned for 1Q2015 and, again, the Embassy team plans to be there, flying the colors.