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The U.S. Commercial Service Japan provides a range of services and programs to help U.S. firms export goods and services to Japan.  Please Contact Us to help you identify trade opportunities, find local potential business partners, obtain valuable market research on Japan, and launch your company into the dynamic Japanese marketplace.

[Upcoming Events]

35th NOA Conference (May 15, 2020)

Commercial Service Japan announces the 35th NOA Conference – a one-on-one business matchmaking event between U.S. firms and Japan’s major electric power utilities and suppliers – to be held on May 15, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

This is an opportunity for representatives of U.S. suppliers of non-fuel materials and equipment and their Japanese agents to sit down in individual meetings with procurement managers from Japan’s 12 major electric power companies (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokyo, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa Electric Power Companies, Japan Atomic Power Company and J-POWER), all in one place. Do not miss this important event!

Details are as follows:

Date: Friday, May 15, 2020
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (approximately)
Venue: TKP Akasakaeki Conference Center
(Address: Kokusai Shin Akasaka East Building 14F, Akasaka 2-14-27, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Program (tentative)
09:00: Registration
09:30: Opening Remarks (U.S. Embassy, Tokyo)
09:40: Opening Remarks (Representative from Japanese electric utilities)
09:50: Presentation from Japanese electric utilities
10:10: One-on-one Business Meeting begins
12:15: Lunch Break
13:30: One-on-one Business Meeting continues
17:20: Closing Remarks (U.S. business representative)

The participating electric power utilities provide their general procurement needs as well as some specific products/services they are looking for. Please refer to “35th NOA Conference (May 2020): What Japanese Utilities would expect and appreciate from potential U.S. Suppliers”, by clicking here.

About the NOA Conference:
The first NOA Conference took place in Tokyo, Japan in July 1995, following a successful procurement seminar held in New Orleans in September 1994 by Japanese electric utilities that was jointly organized by the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Energy. At that time, representatives from 12 Japanese electric power providers and representatives from U.S. suppliers participated in the seminar. To maintain the enthusiasm shared by the U.S. and Japanese attendees at that first 1994 seminar, the New Orleans Association (NOA) was formed and the Department of Commerce began holding regular NOA conferences. These conferences usually consist of annual, half- or full-day events in Tokyo, hosted by CS Tokyo and consisting of keynote speeches, name card exchange, a networking lunch or reception, and one-on-one business matchmaking meetings. The NOA Conference was suspended in 2011 and 2012 in the wake of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and reconvened in 2013. We continue the upcoming 35th NOA Conference in 2020, with more focus on business matchmaking sessions.

Participation Fees:
Fees will be calculated at the closing of registration, which is March 13, 2020, and will be shared by the U.S. firms.

Some screening is necessary to set up the individual matchmaking meetings. For the utilities to understand the products and services being offered, U.S. firms are asked to fill out the Meeting Application forms.

For further queries, please contact: Takahiko Suzuki, Senior Commercial Specialist, Commercial Service Japan, U.S. Embassy Tokyo

Unit Chief: Dave Averne (
Commercial Specialist: Takahiko Suzuki (

U.S.-Japan LNG Workshop

Date: February 6, 2020
Workshop: 13:30-17:50
Reception: 17:50-19:30
Venue: Hotel Okura “L’étoile” (41F)
Organizer: U.S. Embassy Commercial Service
Participation Fees:
Fees will be calculated at the closing of registration, which is December 20th, 2019, and will be shared by the U.S. firms.
As for the details, please click the flyer here:

To register, please contact:
Takahiko Suzuki, Senior Commercial Specialist
Commercial Service Japan, U.S. Embassy Tokyo
Tel: 81-(0)3-3224-5076; Email:

Interested in doing business in Japan?

From customized research, to in-person meetings, to market entrance guidance, the U.S. Commercial Service can help you find partners for doing business in Japan. Take advantage of the name recognition of the U.S. Embassy to open doors and take your first steps toward success in the world’s third largest economy.

Initial Market Check (IMC)

The Initial Market Check (IMC) is an initial assessment of the market potential of a client’s product or service that gathers feedback on that product or service from industry participants in the targeted market. U.S. Commercial Service staff in the target country contact 5-10 possible distributors (or other partners) and report whether the possible distributors or other partners expressed interest in partnering with the U.S. client on that product or service. The final report also includes an analysis of the feedback gathered from the possible distributors or other partners and written recommendations for next steps from the U.S. Commercial Service specialist.  Click here for more details.

Gold Key Service (GKS)

If you plan to visit Japan, we can arrange business appointments for you with potential partners. Our industry specialists put you face-to-face with pre-screened companies that have expressed interest in working with you, enabling you to make the most efficient use of your time in Japan. The Gold Key Service is offered in all major Japanese cities.  Click here for more details.

International Company Profile (ICP)

International Company Profile Full
The International Company Profile Full provides U.S. companies with in-depth background check information on a Japanese company to help determine its suitability as a potential business partner. The service includes a site visit to the target Japanese company and interviews with principals/references.

International Company Profile Partial
The International Company Profile Partial provides U.S. companies with basic background check information on a Japanese company to help determine its suitability as a potential business partner.  Click here for more details.

Single Company Promotion (SCP)

The Single Company Promotion (SCP) is designed to introduce new-to-market U.S. companies to the Japanese market and to raise the profile of U.S. products and services in Japan. CS Japan will work with U.S. companies and/or their authorized Japanese representatives to develop professional, effective promotional events or other strategic activities, such as technical seminars and product/service launch events, designed to connect the U.S. company with targeted Japanese buyers.  Click here for more details.

Featured U.S. Exporters (FUSE)

Featured U.S. Exporters Listing provides U.S. companies with an opportunity to enhance their international marketing efforts through improved search engine optimization. A listing on the directory of our Japanese language website gives U.S. exporters targeted overseas exposure to more effectively help them find foreign business partners in specific local markets. It allows Japanese importers, distributors, wholesales, and agents to find U.S. exporters interested in exporting to a Japanese market.  Click here for details.

Single Location Promotion (SLP)

Single Location Promotion (SLP) is a fee-based service offered to a U.S. Economic Development organization (EDO) representing a state, city, town, or region to promote individual jurisdictions as a destination for FDI. Tailor-made events will be organized by FCS posts in Japan such as: seminars, presentations, business-to-business meetings, government-to-government meetings, receptions, and other events that enable the U.S. location to promote itself to potential foreign investors. FCS posts will develop a scope of work to propose to the client. The mutually agreed-upon items will be executed by FCS posts. Fees paid by U.S. EDOs are on a cost-recovery basis. The SLP cannot be used by an EDO to request that FCS performs lead generation or matchmaking functions, as they violate geographic neutrality.  Click here for details.

Customized Market Research (CMR)

If you need more customized research to address questions and issues related to your specific product or service in the Japanese marketplace, try our Customized Market Research. Available on a quick turn-around basis, research can address such issues as overall marketability of your product or service, price of comparable products or services, distribution channels, entry barriers, and more important elements of doing business in Japan. Fees vary according to the scope of work. For more information click here.

Ensuring Fair Trade

If you believe your company is facing unfair or unnecessary access barriers to the Japanese market, consult with our Market Access and Compliance unit.  Our team of experts in Japan and the United States works to broaden access to the Japanese market for American firms and workers and to ensure full compliance with bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. In line with the Department of Commerce’s Standards Initiative, one focus of our efforts is assisting U.S. firms with technical barriers to trade, such as standards-related testing/certification issues that may be impacting their ability to do business in the Japanese market.  Click here for more information.

U.S. Pavilions at Japanese Trade Events

We organize a wide range of trade events each year, including U.S. pavilions at major Japanese trade shows, technical seminars, etc. These events are designed to feature U.S. products and services in the best possible environment. We normally integrate our events with market briefings and off-site visits to increase the value of your visit to Japan. A complete listing of all trade exhibitions, forthcoming CS Japan events, along with linked information on how to participate, is provided in our Event Calendar.

The U.S. Commercial Service promotes American exports and protects U.S. commercial interests abroad.  Our export promotion programs should not be construed as an endorsement of any specific company or product.  We are pleased to support the marketing efforts of U.S. companies in the U.S., and all firms selling American goods and services in Japan.