Change of Requirements for Renewing a Visa by Mail

Effective immediately, the requirements for renewing a visa by mail have changed. Only applicants who are renewing one of the following visas AND meet each of the requirements will be eligible to renew a visa by mail.

  Visa Type  Requirements
Temporary Visitor for Business & Pleasure (B1/B2)Your previous visa was issued for a period of 10 years.
Crewmember (C1/D)None
Treaty Traders /Treaty Investor (E1/E2)Your company is enrolled in the Green Program and you are renewing a full-validity five-year visa
Specialty Occupation or Temporary Worker (H)You are returning to the same employer as your previous visa.
Intracompany Transferee (L)You are returning to the same company as your previous visa.

For a complete list of the qualifications to renew a visa by mail, please visit this online site.

Note: When you schedule an appointment online, you will answer a series of questions to determine your eligibility to apply for a visa by mail, please read the questions carefully and answer each question correctly. If you do not qualify for mail-in visa application but choose this option, it can cause a significant delay in the application process.