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DCM Hill Visits Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe
November 25, 2020

group of people talking in front of a super computerDeputy Chief of Mission Nick Hill traveled to Nagoya and Osaka Nov. 20-21. He toured the busy Nagoya port noting that it was a bridge between the U.S. and Japanese economies, handling automobiles and LNG for example. He also visited the American Chamber of Commerce in the Chubu region and toured the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries F-35 assembly plant in Nagoya.

In Kobe, DCM Hill visited the Riken Center for Computational Science where he saw the Fugaku exascale supercomputer. In Osaka, he went to the top of Sakishima Cosmo Tower with its overview of the future site of Expo 2025, and engaged Kansai-based media writers and editors off-the-record to answer questions about the impact of the U.S. election on the U.S.-Japan bilateral relationship.