Core Collection

The core print collection of the American Center Japan and American Center Reference Service consists of scholarly reference materials about the United States as well as U.S. Government publications. Our government collections focus on reports and other documents by federal agencies, and federal Congressional documents. After each title, you will find the holding information at the American Center Japan. Availability differs depending on the center. Please contact us for details.

Executive Branch Publications

Internet Resources – Public Papers of the Presidents

  • Foreign Relations of the United States
    Web: Department of State (1945-1976), University of Wisconsin (1863-1960)
    Database: HeinOnline (1861-1976)
  • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
    Database: HeinOnline (1950-1984)
  • Treaties in Force
    Web: Department of State (2011)
    Database: HeinOnline (1929-2009)

Internet Resources – Treaties and Agreements

Internet Resources – Government Information

Legislative Branch Publications

  • United States Code
    Web: GPO Access (1994-present)
  • United States Statutes at Large
    Web: GPO Access (2003-present)
    Database: LexisNexis (1789-present)
    * Bills and public laws are searchable at Thomas.
  • Congressional Record
    Web: GPO Access (1994-present), Thomas (1989-present)
    Database: LexisNexis (1/3/1985-present), Factiva (1/4/2007-present), HeinOnline (1873-2006)
    * The following predecessor titles are also available from HeinOnline.
    Annals of the Congress of the United States (1789-1824)
    Register of Debates in Congress (1825-1837)
    Congressional Globe (1833-1873)
  •  Congressional Hearings
    Web: GPO’s Federal Digital System (1985-present )
  • Official Congressional Directory
    Print: 1983-present
    Web: GPO Access (1997-present)
    Database: HeinOnline (1887-present)

Internet Resources – Legislative Information

Congressional Research Service Reports
Database: (1993-present)

Internet Resources – CRS Reports