Nagoya American Center

The Nagoya American Center is part of the American Consulate Nagoya (Public Affairs Section), responsible for carrying out U.S. Government public diplomacy activities in the four prefectures that make up the Tokai region. Our mission is to promote mutual understanding and friendship by providing the Japanese public with information on American foreign and security policy, U.S.-Japan trade and economic relations, American society, politics, and culture through a wide range of programs.

Our activities include the following:

  1. Promoting study in the United States by Japanese people
  2. Interacting with local media and press
  3. Conducting lecture programs and seminars to help the Japanese public gain a better understanding of U.S. policy objectives and American society
  4. Maintaining close contact with academics, civic and local government leaders to keep them up-to-date on issues affecting U.S.-Japan relations
  5. Working with cultural and educational leaders to promote exchange programs and the study of American society

For reference services, please visit American Center Japan .