Frequently Asked Questions

Please write “N/A” in any box that does not apply. Please do not leave any blanks on the application.

The U.S. Mission to Japan can employ any person with the legal right to work in Japan. This includes Japanese citizens, permanent residents, spouses or children of Japanese nationals and long-term residents. The U.S. Mission to Japan does not sponsor work visas. Please state your citizenship in your application package.

To work as a locally employed staff member of the U.S. Mission to Japan, an American citizen must have the legal right to work in Japan. This includes permanent residents in Japan, spouses or children of Japanese nationals, and long-term residents. Please submit a copy of your visa or Certificate of Alien Registration with your application package. The U.S. Mission to Japan can also employ American citizens listed on diplomatic orders or those with a SOFA sponsor. Those U.S. citizens interested in a career with the Foreign Service should visit

U.S. Government procedures are very strict. No applications may be accepted after the closing date.

Security considerations prevent the U.S. Embassy from receiving hand-delivered applications. Faxed applications are not accepted. Applications must be received by the closing date.

The U.S. Embassy Human Resources Office does not provide this service. Those applicants concerned about the clarity of their transmission should send their application by mail or courier service.

No, the Human Resources Office is now accepting resumes only by regular mail or courier service.

There is no particular vacancy season at the U.S. Embassy or any of the affiliated consulates. Vacancies are filled as they arise. The Human Resources Office recommends bookmarking the website for periodic review.

The U.S. Embassy has no procedure for receiving general resumes. All applications that do not reference a specific vacancy announcement are discarded.

Applicants who are not invited to an interview will not be contacted. Depending on work schedules, it sometimes takes up to 2 months to schedule interviews.

Selected candidates will receive a conditional offer. This offer is contingent upon the receipt of medical and security clearances. Clearance procedures require an average of one month’s time.

In general, candidates are responsible for submitting evidence of academic credentials.

Employees are paid in the currency of the country where they are “ordinarily resident” before employment as a Locally Employed Staff with the U.S. Mission to Japan. Please see the definitions listed below.

Ordinarily Resident (OR): A citizen of Japan or a citizen of another country who has shifted the main residency focus to Japan and has the required residency permits for employment in country.

Not-Ordinarily Resident (NOR): American citizens who are eligible family members of Foreign Service, General Service, and Uniformed Service members, listed on the travel orders, and come under Chief of Mission authority, or other personnel having diplomatic privileges and immunities. This includes family members under Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) status.

Yes. All applicants who have the legal right to work in Japan may apply. The U.S. Embassy and affiliated Consulates can conduct interviews by phone. If selected, the U.S. Government will not provide assistance to candidates who must move to Japan to begin work. The candidate must make all arrangements themselves and pay all expenses incurred.

Yes. Please send one application for each job, clearly stating on each the job for which it was submitted.

U.S. citizen university students interested in internships should visit the State Department career information website for information on fall, spring and summer internships. Security clearances and other processing create a long lead-time between applying and beginning the internship. We urge qualified candidates to consider applying early.

Non-U.S. citizen students who are legal resident students in Japan may apply for the U.S. Embassy Foreign National Student Internship Program. Opportuniities for internship will be announced on this website when available.

All Foreign Service Direct-Hire staffing is administered by the Department of State offices in Washington D.C. U.S. citizens seeking information about a rewarding career as either a Specialist or Officer with the Foreign Service will find the most up-to-date information at: The U.S. Embassy encourages all eligible citizens to take the Foreign Service Written Exam, administered at the U.S. Embassy Tokyo and affiliated Consulates in Japan each year.

The U.S. Embassy Human Resources Office will only review information submitted in English.

Secondary school equals a high school or a school of corresponding grade, ranking between primary school and a college or university. It is always a good idea to include high school information on all applications.

No, all jobs announced for Locally Employed Staff positions at the U.S. Embassy are considered contract positions.

Yes. Please list your citizenship and your visa status in Japan. If you are a Japanese citizen, please state so in your resume.

No, photos are not necessary and are usually considered inappropriate by American standards of business.

You may include any information that you believe addresses the qualifications of the position. However, U.S. standards of business discourage including details that are not part of a professional record. Examples of information that we would rather not receive include: weight, height, ethnicity, marital status, family members’ profession, religious affiliation, and number of children.