Cultural Ambassador Character

Biography of “Washintan,” the Consulate’s Cultural Ambassador

Hi, my name is Washintan! I was born on August 1 in Washington, D.C. That’s the capital of the United States. My mommy is a teacher and my daddy is a tour guide at the Air & Space Museum. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, so I make a lot of new friends everywhere I go. My favorite thing about my hometown is all the people who come to visit from all over the world!

Once I met an eagle from Ishigaki who told me all about Okinawa. He said it was a beautiful place, so I came here! I like to fly over beautiful places.

In Okinawa, I like to go sightseeing and I am learning to dance and play the sanshin!

My favorite foods are apples and sushi, and my favorite drink is root beer! My favorite Okinawan song is “Ti-n sagu nu hana” but I also like rock and roll!

"Washintan," the Consulate's Cultural Ambassador
"Washintan," the Consulate's Cultural Ambassador

I’m scared of typhoons and tornadoes!

My hobbies are learning new languages and flying to new and wonderful places all over the world.

My dream is that everyone will come to visit my country and have a cultural exchange with us! Maybe if you like it, you will even want to go to school there! If you see me, be sure to come and say hi, I always want to make new friends!