Financial Attache

Matthew Poggi
Financial Attaché

The office of the Financial Attaché (FINATT) has the principal responsibility within the Embassy for analyses and reporting on Japanese macroeconomic trends (growth, inflation, unemployment, current account, etc.) and policy developments (including fiscal, monetary, tax budget and exchange rate policies); and for assessing conditions, trends and deregulatory initiatives in the Japanese banking, securities, and other financial sectors. FINATT is the primary Embassy source of information on these issues for U.S. Government officials responsible for formulating international economic, monetary, and financial policies. Users include the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve System, CEA, State, Commerce, SEC, CFTC, Exim Bank, and CIA.

The FINATT office also functions as Embassy and U.S. Treasury liaison with the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Japan, the Financial Services Agency, and other governmental institutions. It maintains close contact with the Cabinet Office and other entities with macroeconomic expertise within and outside the Japanese Government. The office also provides continuing liaison with private-sector banks, securities companies, and other financial institutions – American, Japanese, and third-country.

The Financial Attaché is the U.S. Treasury’s senior official in Japan, and functions as both an integral member of the Embassy Country Team in support of the Ambassador and as the representative of the Secretary of the Treasury and other senior Treasury officials in Washington. In recent years, the FINATT office has been responsible for such bilateral economic initiatives as the Financial Services Working Group, and has led efforts to improve cooperation with the Japanese government on combatting terrorist financing and other abuses of the international financial system. It also conducts analysis and reporting on economic policy issues treated in the Group of Seven (G-7) process, including coordination of macroeconomic, structural adjustment, and debt and development policies; and other subjects for which Treasury has lead policy responsibility.

Contact information:

Office Phone: 03-3224-5486
Office Fax: 03-3224-5490

For further information, please see the Treasury Department website.