Mutual Defense Assistance Office

Mark S. Riley

The Mutual Defense Assistance Office (MDAO) is a joint service organization that facilitates defense equipment and technology exchanges between the governments and industries of Japan and the United States. Specifically, we:

  • Promote a robust security assistance program through:
    • Foreign Military Sales (FMS)
    • Co-production and licensed production arrangements
    • Equipment and logistical support
    • Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) by US industry
    • Military education and training
  • Oversee cooperative armaments/ R&D efforts through:
    • Cooperative technology projects
    • Data Exchange Agreements (DEA)
    • Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program (ESEP)
  • Serve as a conduit between Japan MOD and US Government agencies

Successfully accomplishing our mission will help us meet the national objectives of:

  • Strengthening the U.S.-Japan security relationship
  • Enhancing interoperability
  • Assisting U.S. industry
  • Effectively using limited U.S. & Japanese resources
  • Improving the capabilities of the Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF)