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Federal Assistance Awards

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Japan is pleased to announce its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, we open these opportunities listed below for you to submit your proposal.

1) Annual Program Statement (APS)

Through APS, proposals are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year and will be reviewed quarterly. Proposals that address the key strategic interests below may be approved for funding outside the Notice of Funding Opportunity cycle.

  1. Security – Modernize the Alliance, which underpins regional security and the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

  2. Economic – Advance American prosperity and economic security, including through global and regional cooperation.

  3. Homeland – Protect the homeland and American citizens abroad by enhancing consular services, and law enforcement cooperation.

  4. People to People – Increase Japanese alignment with U.S. policy objectives and boost long-term ties that underpin broader security, economic, and global cooperation.

* Please see the details of APS here.

2) Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFO)

Annually, awards are granted through project specific “Notice of Funding Opportunities.” Please see the announcements below for objectives, requirements, and projected total amount of funding for each of the project category of our FY2024 funding priorities.

Please read the NOFO that you are applying for very carefully and submit your application package to TokyoPASGrants@state.gov in English by the due date (Japan Standard Time).

Current FY2024 NOFOs


Upcoming NOFOs


Past FY2024 NOFOs

Past FY2023 NOFOs

• TOKYO-01  Modernizing the U.S.-Japan Alliance for Tensions in Taiwan

• TOKYO-02  Promoting Mutual Interests in U.S. Base-hosting Communities

• TOKYO-03  Accelerate Innovation and Startup Collaboration

• TOKYO-04  Green Growth Cooperation

• TOKYO-05  English Language Teacher Training

• TOKYO-06  Empowering IVLP Alumni

• TOKYO-07  Specialized Bilateral and Multilateral Youth Engagement Programs

• TOKYO-08  Grassroots, Bilateral and Multilateral Youth Engagement Programs

• TOKYO-09  U.S. Presidential Election Program

• TOKYO-10  Ambassador’s Youth Council Countrywide Conference

• TOKYO-11  Promoting U.S. Graduate Schools

• TOKYO-12  Promoting U.S. Undergraduate Schools

• TOKYO-13  Promoting Study Abroad through Market Research

• TOKYO-14  Alumni Capacity Building

• FUKUOKA-01  Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Workshop

• FUKUOKA-02  High-Tech Labor Force Curriculum Development Workshop

• NAGOYA-01    Building Indo-Pacific Cyber Security Alliance with E-sports

• NAGOYA-02   International Science and Engineering Online Training

• NAGOYA-03  Cleantech Business Case Competition

• OSAKA-01  Engaging the USG Alumni Community to Solve the “Gender Gap”

• SAPPORO-01  Military Aviation Familiarization for Northern Japanese Journalists

• SAPPORO-02  U.S.-Japan Diplomacy Academy for University Students in Northern Japan

• SAPPORO-03  Clean Energy Tech Entrepreneur Exchange

• NAHA-01  U.S. Ambassador’s Scholarship

• NAHA-02  Start Up Academy

Grant Documents

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