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再入国許可証受領   お問い合わせフォーム



再入国許可証受領 米国外に1年以上、ただし2年未満滞在予定の方は、米国への再入国に際して再入国許可証が必要です。再入国許可証の申請にはForm I-131が必”要です。Form I-131を申請する際は米国に実際いなければなりません。再入国許可証は、申請の際リクエストすると米国外の大使館・領事館で受取ることができます。 あなたの再入国許可証が日本国内の大使館・領事館に届いているかを確認したい場合は、下記フォームを送ってください。札幌領事館にて再入国許可証受領をご希望の方は、札幌領事館へお問い合わせいただけます。

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Privacy Act Statement

AUTHORITIES: The information on this form is requested pursuant to Title 8 of the United States Code (U.S.C.), including specifically 8 U.S.C. § 1104 (Powers and duties of Secretary of State) and §§ 1201-1202 (Issuance of visas; Application for Visas).

PURPOSE: We are requesting this information in order to review your visa case, to facilitate activities such as scheduling your appointment for a service, and conducting administrative processing for services including immigrant visa appointments, returning resident visas and boarding foils.

ROUTINE USE: This information may be disclosed to another domestic government agency, a private contractor, a foreign government agency, or to a private person or private employer in accordance with certain approved routine uses. These routine uses include, but are not limited to, law enforcement activities, employment verification, fraud prevention, border security, counterterrorism, litigation activities, and activities that meet the Secretary of State’s responsibility to protect U.S. citizens and non-citizen nationals abroad. More information on the Routine Uses for the system can be found in System of Records Notices Visa Records, STATE-39

DISCLOSURE: Providing this information is voluntary. Failure to provide all the information requested on this form may result in the individual and/or authorized representative’s inability to obtain relevant information regarding a consular service request.

Confidentiality Statement: INA Section 222(f) provides that visa issuance and refusal records shall be considered confidential and shall be used only for the formulation, amendment, administration, or enforcement of the immigration, nationality, and other laws of the United States. Certified copies of visa records may be made available to a court which certifies that the information contained in such records is needed in a case pending before the court.