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Language Qualifications for Employment at the U.S. Mission Japan

Language Qualifications: English

The Human Resources Office accepts English language test scores
based on the chart below. Only test scores from the past
five years
will be considered valid.

Level V (Professional/Translator) 1 900 610 A/A+ 68
Level IV (Fluent) 1.5 850 590 B 63
Level III (Good Working Knowledge) 2 650 520 C 59
Level II (Limited Knowledge) 3 400 435
Level I (Rudimentary)

Applicants who submit Versant scores may be asked to provide additional verification of writing abilities. CASEC scores will also be considered.

Language Qualifications: Japanese

Level Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Level V (Professional/Translator)
Level IV (Fluent) Level N1
Level III (Good Working Knowledge) Level N2
Level II (Limited Knowledge) Level N3/N4
Level I (Rudimentary) Level N5

In addition to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, J-CAT scores will also be considered.