Macro for Micron: Amb. Kennedy, CS Western Japan, USEAC Boise all Connect with Top Tech Investor

To celebrate the Idaho-headquartered, semiconductor maker’s successful and rapid integration of a Japanese memory chip producer into American operations – while bolstering U.S. exports and growing employment in the process — Ambassador Caroline Kennedy met with leaders of Micron Japan in Hiroshima.  March marked the first year anniversary of Micron’s integration of Elpida, a Japanese memory chip producer that had found itself in financial straits.  Thanks to the complex transaction undertaken with the support of the Japanese Government,  over 2,400 jobs were preserved in Hiroshima.

Moreover, it allowed Micron to expand its global presence in the memory chip market, becoming the second largest DRAM producer globally.  During the same mid-April week, but thousands of miles distant in Micron’s hometown of Boise, SCO joined Micron CEO Mark Durcan to discuss the lessons learned by Micron over its two decades as an investor in Japan, focusing on the Elpida integration.

The roundtable and a preceding  SCO talk on Japan opportunities were ably arranged by Boise USEAC Director Amy Benson.  Prime Minister Abe is expected to touch upon the need for more bilateral direct investment during his upcoming multi-city American tour.  Especially in light of the relative rarity of foreign-led M&A deals in Japan, Micron’s is a win-win model that inspires.