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Olympic Champion Anthony Ervin Leads “Go for Gold” Swim Clinic
August 22, 2019

Olympic swimmer Anthony Ervin at the OlympicsOlympic swimmer Anthony Ervin, who won gold medals at both the 2000 Sydney Games and the 2016 Rio Games, visited Setagaya to offer the local children some tips on swimming. Hosted by the Embassy and Setagaya Ward, the event included around 100 kids, all eager to learn about Ervin’s swimming skills and to hear about his experiences.

Erwin’s main message to the kids was: “Do not try to imitate other swimmers’ strokes. You can take some tips from others, but try to find your own unique stroke.”

After a short Q&A session, Erwin got into the pool with the kids to share his swimming techniques. Not only did he offer them advice, but he also participated in a fun relay race with some of them. The event offered memorable moments for all.