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Passport Renewals (age 18 and up)


The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and consulates in Japan have resumed routine American Citizen Services with limited appointment availability. Please click "Read More" for detailed information.

Passport Renewals (age 18 and up)

If you are eligible to renew your passport by mail, we strongly recommend you use this option to avoid unnecessary travel to the Embassy or consulates.  Online fee payment is currently available for passport book renewals only.  If you wish to renew or apply for a passport card, you must make an appointment to apply in person at the Embassy or Consulate nearest you.


  • Processing time is about 6-8 weeks.
  • You can renew your passport even after it expires. If you have an expired passport, please see “By Mail with Online Fee Payment.”
  • Do NOT send your application to the National Passport Processing Center in the U.S. This will significantly delay your processing.
  • Beginning October 11, 2022, individual tourists may visit Japan. At that time, tourists with U.S. passports will no longer need visas for short-term visits (up to three months).

For renewing your Emergency passport, please see here.