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Proof of Parent-Child Relationship

Proof of parent-child relationship can be demonstrated by the following.

Note: all documents must be original – no photocopies.

  • Minor’s U.S. Birth Certificate with both parents’ names
    (Hospital birth certificates are not acceptable.)
  • Minor’s Consular Report of Birth Abroad with both parents’ names
  • Minor’s Foreign Birth Certificate with both parents’ names*
    (e.g. Family Register “Koseki Tohon”, Certificate of Birth Report “Shusshou Todoke Kisai Jiko Shomeisho” OR Certificate of Acceptance of Birth Report “Shusshou Todoke Juri Shomeisho” issued by the Japanese city office that registered your child’s birth)
    If the minor’s name shown on the Foreign Birth Certificate is different from the U.S. name, please bring either the U.S. Birth Certificate or Report of Birth Abroad.
  • Adoption decree with adopting parents’ names *
  • Court order establishing custody *
  • Court order establishing guardianship *

* All foreign documents must be accompanied by an English translation (formal or informal).

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