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President Biden attends G7 Summit in Hiroshima
May 24, 2023

President Joe Biden visited Hiroshima, Japan May 18-21 to attend the G7 Summit. He held bilateral discussions with Prime Minister Kishida and trilateral talks with Kishida and President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea.

The President also held a Quad meeting with the leaders of Australia, Japan and India, as well as meeting with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy.

President Biden tweeted, “The meetings I’ve had with my fellow G7 leaders have left us more united, more resolved and more determined to set up for the greater progress in the months ahead.”

Ambassador Emanuel added, “The G7 was a momentous moment that has historic meaning. Today, the Indo-Pacific is more secure, our high-tech collaboration is stronger, and the world is more united.”