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Consular Services
Depositions at U.S. Embassy Tokyo – Specific Information

Contact Information

American Citizen Services – Deposition, U.S. Embassy
10-5, Akasaka, 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420 Japan

Phone: 81-3-3224-5000
Email: tokyoacs@state.gov

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Office Hours

8:30-16:00. Mon-Fri
Closed on Japanese and U.S. holidays.

Please note the following when using the deposition room at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo:

  • The room is yours to use 8:30-16:00, Mon-Fri, except on Japanese and U.S. holidays. For security reasons, all participants must vacate the Embassy premises with all equipment by 16:00.  Please allow enough time for equipment set-up and set-down.
  • A Consular Officer will be available to administer the required oaths at the start of the day 8:30 -9:00. If you plan to start your deposition after 9:00, or will have others who need to be oathed after that time, please note there may be a delay in conducting the oath, depending on Consular Officer availability.  We encourage you to let us know in advance whether you will require assistance with oaths after 9:00 to allow us as best we can to accommodate.
  • For security reasons, visitors are only permitted in the area directly between the main gate and the consular waiting room. Visitors are not authorized to move beyond or explore outside of this area. Failure to comply may result intervention from the security force and/or removal and subsequent ban from the Embassy premises.
  • We ask that if you choose to take your break inside the building, you keep the noise to a minimum as Embassy personnel are conducting visa interviews nearby.
  • A pay phone is available just outside the deposition room.
  • Copies can be made at a convenience store across the street from the Embassy.
  • The occupancy capacity of the deposition rooms in Tokyo is five people.
  • Limited electrical power is available, with standard U.S.-style plugs but 100V, 50 Hz power. Only dual-voltage, 50/60hz laptops will work; others require an adapter you must purchase yourself.