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Disaster Prevention (Bousai) Information from Your Local Government

Your local municipality may already have Disaster Prevention (“Bousai” or “Bosai” in Japanese) information ready for residents and visitors online. Prefectural, city, and even ward-office disaster prevention and preparedness information may be in English, or have links to other useful resources. Below is a selected list of Disaster Prevention websites for major population centers in Japan. There may be many more resources available to you. Do a web search with the word “bousai” and the town or region you are interested in, and you may even find information in English!

Sapporo City

Sendai (Miyagi):
Sendai City
Miyagi Prefecture

Tokyo Metropolitan Area:
Tokyo Metro

Yokohama (Kanagawa):
Yokohama City

Nagoya (Aichi):
Aichi Prefecture
Nagoya City

Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe (Kansai):
Kyoto Prefecture
Osaka Prefecture
Kobe City (Hyogo)
Nara Prefecture

Ehime Prefecture
Kochi Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture
Tokushima Prefecture

Hiroshima Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture

Fukuoka Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Kagoshima Prefecture

Okinawa Prefecture

U.S. Military:
Stars and Stripes Pacific Storm Tracker Blog
Joint Typhoon Warning Center

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