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The Federal Benefits Unit operates on an appointment-only system. Use this online form to request an appointment or to obtain information. If you request an appointment, FBU staff will reply to confirm your appointment date and time. Please ensure that your contact information is accurate and complete.

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The information you provide is used solely by the Federal Benefits Unit. In order to process certain types of requests, we may have to ask for your Social Security Number (SSN), your date of birth, your banking information and other information, please follow instructions on the Frequently Asked Questions for required information. You may decline to provide such information, but that could inhibit our ability to answer your questions or assist you with your request. Any information provided on our web form is not retained and is used only in order to process your current request or answer your current questions. The Federal Benefits Unit works in accordance with SSA procedures as well as the Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.) and the Privacy Act of 1974. You can read our full privacy statement at www.socialsecurity.gov.