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Information for U.S. DOJ Attorneys

These additional instructions apply only to attorneys from the U.S. Department of Justice or other U.S. government agencies seeking to depose at the Embassy in Tokyo. They do not apply to private attorneys.

Note that these are additional instructions; all of the information on the previous pages (except the fees charged to private attorneys) applies also to DOJ-sponsored depositions.

Host Country Clearance

Formal host country clearance is required by the Government of Japan for U.S. officials to conduct judicial assistance activities abroad. This includes taking depositions.

This process, host country clearance, requires the exchange of Diplomatic Notes, and typically takes about ten working days, though has in the past taken as long as three full weeks, so please begin as soon as possible.

Passports and Visa

All official USG travelers must travel on Official or Diplomatic passports. It is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate visas before traveling to Japan. Travelers without the appropriate passports and visas may be refused entry to Japan by the Japanese Government. Your agency should be able to assist you in applying for the documents you need.

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