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IPCA – Legal Terminology (English & Japanese) *

* Please consult with your attorney to understand what this legal terminology may mean for your case.

Child abduction – 子の連れ去り
Return of children – 子の返還
Taking Parent – 子を連れ去った親
Left Behind Parent – 子を連れ去られた親
Custody/Legal custody – 親権
Physical custody – 監護権
Custodial parent – 親権者
Habitual Residence – 元の居住国・常居所地国
Visitation – 面会交流
Welfare of children – 子の福祉
Deny the return of the children – 返還拒否
Reason for denial to return – 返還拒否事由
Central Authority – 中央当局
Direct enforcement – 強制執行
Court Enforcement officer – 返還実施者
Habeas Corpus – 人身保護
Conciliator (mediator) – 調停員
Probation officer – 調査官
Execution officer – 執行官
Obligor (Defendant) – 債務者
Clinical psychologist – 臨床心理士