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Passport Services
Military Members

All services are arranged by your military passport agent. Please contact the agent on your base.
For service members in Yokosuka, please consult with the legal office on base for no fee official passports.

  • Misawa (Navy)
    PSD (Personnel Support Detachment)
    DSN 226-4680
  • Misawa (Air Base)
    MPF (Military Personnel Flight) Office
    DSN 226-4002
  • Yokota
    MPF (Military Personnel Flight)
    DSN 225-8913
    *Accepts official passport and newborn’s Consular Report of Birth Abroad applications only
  • Zama
    Military Personnel Division
    DSN 263-5736
  • Iwakuni
    LSST ( Legal Services Support Team)
    DSN 253-5591, 253-5592, and/or 253-5594
  • Sasebo
    PSD (Personnel Support Detachment)
    DSN 252-3579
    *Accepts official passport applications only
  • Bases in Okinawa
    • Marine Corps
      Camp Foster, Building 5699
      DSN (315) 645-9842 / 645-9847 or 645-9848
      * Accepts regular and official passport applications
    • Air Force
      Kadena AB, Bldg 721B
      DSN 632-0446 or 098-962-0446
      * Accepts official passport applications
    • Army
      Torii Station, Bldg 216
      DSN 644-5392
      *Accepts official passport applications
    • Navy
      PSD (Personnel Support Detachment)
      DSN 634-6322 / 634-6323
      *Accepts official passport applications only
    • U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa
      Birth Registration Section
      DSN 643-7687/ 643-7688 or 098-971-7687 / 098-971-7688
      *Accepts newborn’s Consular Report of Birth Abroad and regular passport applications only