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Victims of Crime

If an American is a victim of crime in Japan, he or she should contact the police in their local area. Everywhere in Japan, the Police Emergency Number is: 110. Fire and ambulance services can be summoned by dialing 119. These numbers may not work from cell phones, however, and English-speaking dispatchers may not be available. Advice on how to call for an ambulance in Japan is available on our Calling for Help page. Also, you may want to print the brochure “Making the Most of the Ambulance Service” (PDF 1 MB) issued by the Japanese Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

Persons seeking assistance should be able to describe their address/location in Japanese or enlist a friend who can do so, as few police officers speak English. In such situations, Americans may also need to contact a doctor and/or a lawyer. Please see our list of Medical Facilities and doctors, dentists and hospitals known to treat foreigners. Please also see our list of English Speaking Attorneys in your area.

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State-specific victim compensation information

If you are the victim of a crime while overseas you may benefit from specialized resources for crime victims available in the U.S. All states operate crime victim compensation programs and nearly half of them offer benefits to their residents who are victims of violent crime overseas. Information about each state’s crime victim compensation program and how to apply for compensation is available on the Internet at the website of the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards.