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What the Embassy/Consulates Can and Cannot Do

We can: 

  • Provide you a list of local attorneys;
  • Contact your family, friends, or employers with your written permission;
  • Visit you regularly and provide reading materials, personal items, and vitamin supplements, where appropriate and permitted;
  • Help to ensure that officials are providing you appropriate medical care;
  • Inform you of local and U.S.-based resources available to detainees;
  • Request that officials permit you visits, including with a member of the clergy of the religion of your choice; and
  • Help facilitate family and friends in sending you money.

We cannot: 

  • Get you out of jail;
  • State to a court that you are guilty or innocent;
  • Provide you with legal advice or represent you in court;
  • Serve as your official interpreters or translators;
  • Pay your legal, medical, or other fees.