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U.S. and Japan
Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel on Prime Minister Kishida's Leadership
March 6, 2023

What does leadership in the 21st century look like? Since coming into office, Prime Minister Kishida has:

  • Implemented a robust new security strategy
  • Increased defense spending to two percent of GDP
  • Asserted control over Japan’s macroeconomic policy
  • Provided Ukraine with unprecedented levels of military, humanitarian, and energy assistance
  • Welcomed Ukrainian evacuees
  • Reversed Japan’s 40-year Russia policy
  • Shrunk the distance between Europe and Asia by reminding our partners on both sides that today’s Ukraine could be tomorrow’s Indo-Pacific
  • Forged new defense partnerships with the Philippines, UK, Italy, and Australia on technology, training, and humanitarian relief
  • Secured historic rises in wages from Japan’s corporations

What’s next? Looking to the future for a new partnership with the Republic of Korea. That is bold leadership.