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U.S. and Japan
Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel on a New Era of U.S.-Japan Space Cooperation
November 18, 2022

This morning, the United States and Japan signed the Lunar Gateway Implementing Arrangement, concluding years of hard work between our two governments and launching a new and exciting chapter in our civil space cooperation.

This historic arrangement formalizes Japan’s contributions to the Lunar Gateway and Artemis Accord, which will lead to a Japanese astronaut on board the station orbiting the moon. As President Biden said when he visited Japan in May, the next step will be a Japanese astronaut joining a mission to the lunar surface.

Japan’s contributions to Lunar Gateway and Artemis are indispensable. JAXA batteries will power the habitat and logistics outpost where astronauts will live and work, and Japanese life support systems will allow humans to stay in orbit the Moon. Japanese technology will enable astronauts to conduct experiments that cannot be performed anywhere else.

In addition to today’s signing of the Implementing Agreement, I congratulate Japan on its decision to extend participation in the International Space Station to 2030, a critical part of our space cooperation.

Today we are not witnessing history; we are making history. As allies and friends, the United States and Japan are literally launching into the future together.