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Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel on the U.S. Airlift of Japanese Assistance to Ukraine
March 16, 2022

Today, we saw the U.S.-Japan Alliance in action. At Yokota Air Base, American and Japanese service members worked together to load 38 tons of Japanese supplies onto a U.S. military aircraft to help the brave Ukrainian people in their fight against Russia. I would like to compliment Prime Minister Kishida and his Cabinet for taking an unprecedented step in response to an unwarranted war.

Last week, I was in northern Japan to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the 3/11 disaster. In that tragedy, American and Japanese forces worked side by side to rebuild Japan. Today, our alliance marks a new chapter in our history, as we come together to help our friends in Ukraine. This type of coordination might seem extraordinary, but this is what allies do. More importantly, this is what friends do. Whether it is a time of war, of disaster, or united in opposition to the acts of a pariah, the United States and Japan stand together. It is Putin’s brutal aggression that will not stand.

Thank you to U.S. Forces Japan, U.S. Transportation Command, the Japanese Ministry of Defense, and Japan Self-Defense Forces for supporting Ukraine in their time of need.