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U.S. and Japan
Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel on his Visit to Soma City, Fukushima
August 31, 2023

Japan has set a new international standard in openness, global citizenship, and scientific rigor in their recovery from the Fukushima disaster. Their commitment to international oversight, as confirmed by the IAEA and the World Health Organization, is a new benchmark. Raised in a medical home, where public health and science were guiding values, I have no reservations about the safety of my activities and engagements in Soma City.

The United States stands firmly with Japan, especially when contrasted with China’s overtly political decision to ban all Japanese seafood imports and past failures in openness and scientific cooperation.

In a world where truth and trust are paramount, Japan’s unwavering commitment to science and transparency is a leading example, and I’m honored to stand in solidarity with them.