How to Get an International Postal Money Order

Get postal money order

(国際郵便為替証書 Kokusai Yubin Kawase Shosho)

Go to a Japanese Post office (JP日本郵便) that has a Japan Post Bank (Yu-cho Bank – JPゆうちょ銀行). Not all Japanese Post Offices have a Japan Post Bank. You can check online here to find the closest branch.

For residents of Japan:
You must bring your “Individual Number Card” (“My Number” card) OR your “Notification Card” (noting your individual number in or after October 2015) along with a valid photo I.D.

Individual Number CardNotification Card

For tourists:

The Japan Post Bank may or may not be able to issue you an International Postal Order. Please bring your passport and consult directly with the Japan Post Bank.

“International Remittance Application and Declaration form (Remittance to Address)” 国際送金請求書兼告知書(住所あて送金用)

  • Request for $110 on the form
  • Address the money order to: “U.S. Department of State” Address: PSC 471 Box 1111 FPO, AP 96347
  • Pay in Japanese Yen (the yen value will depend on the exchange rate of the day) plus the 5,000 yen fee
  • Keep the Counter Foil
    (left-hand side of the Money Order) and send the right-hand side of the Money Order with your passport renewal package.

Money Oder Sample Photo
Please note:

  • The money order is only valid for 3 months. Since the financial transaction takes place offsite, the Embassy and/or its Consulates will need to receive your money order at least 15 working days prior to its expiration.
  • The money order will not be given at the time of your payment at the Japan Post Bank. It’ll be issued at the Tokyo Postal Saving Center and sent to you at a later date. For details on International Postal Money Order please click here.