Renewing Emergency Passports

Online Appointments are Necessary.

The Embassy in Tokyo does NOT store laptops or large luggage. Please see the full list of Prohibited Items.

To apply for a social security card, please DO NOT make an appointment here. Please contact the Federal Benefits Unit at

• Tokyo  • Sapporo  • Osaka/Kobe  • Fukuoka  • Naha

If you have had an emergency passport issued, and would like to obtain (renew to) a full validity passport, please see below.

If your emergency passport was issued less than one year ago from the time you submit this application, you may apply by mail for your full-validity passport (for both adults and minors age 16 and under). If applying for children under 16, a parent should sign the application form on behalf of the child. The personal appearance of the minor and the two-parent consent are not required.

Please send the following items to the Consular office in your district.

  • Emergency passport
  • Form DS-5504
    Complete online, print out single-sided, and sign. (How to complete the online application form)
    *NOTE: You must provide a Social Security number, if you have been issued one. If you do not have a Social Security number, please click here.
  • One passport photo 
    White background / 2″×2″ in size / no eye glasses / no uniforms
  • One “Japan Post LetterPack envelope” (self-addressed)
    Please fold it in half if necessary.
    LetterPack LIGHT: 370 yen, traceable, signature not required
    LetterPack PLUS : 520 yen, traceable, signature required
    For persons using an APO/FPO address, bring one self-addressed envelope that will be mailed via Military Postal Service (MPS). MPS is NOT trackable.
    *NOTE: Effective October 1, 2019, the LetterPack envelope fee will be increased by 10 yen. For full details of this change, click HERE.
  • No fee is charged for this service.

Where to send your package: Consular office in your district.

If your emergency passport was issued more than one year ago, please follow the procedures for passport renewal (Age 16 and up / Children under 16 ).