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U.S. and Japan
U.S. Assistance to Earthquake-Affected Regions in Japan
January 5, 2024

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Japan’s central region on New Year’s Day, the United States stands unwaveringly with our friend and ally, Japan. Recognizing the situation’s human urgency and the increasing toll on the affected communities, we have promptly responded to Japan’s acceptance of our offer of assistance.

Our immediate $100,000 aid package through Peace Winds Japan is just the beginning of our support. It includes essential resources like blankets, water, and medical supplies. We understand that the challenges in Ishikawa Prefecture are significant, with access to the disaster-hit areas being severely hampered.

Our commitment goes beyond this initial contribution, and we stand ready to provide additional support as needed and requested, in line with our deep-rooted alliance. The United States will continue to stand with Japan through the immediate response and the longer recovery and rebuild journey.