Application and Issuance Fees

For information on payment of non-immigrant visa application fees, please see Pay My Visa Fee.

Even if an in-person interview is not required, payment of the application fee is still required except for certain visa categories and the procedure is the same. Please see Visa Fees for payment instructions. For payment options, please see Pay My Visa Fee.

It is possible to change an interview appointment up to two times from your profile. If more than three times you reschedule your appointment or fail to attend your appointment, you will be required to pay another visa application fee. Please plan accordingly.

New company registration for an E visa requires payment of the application fee and submission of registration documents. Please following  the instructions at, create a profile and pay the visa application fee . Please do not schedule an interview appointment. Close the calendar screen after completing the payment. Applicants may not be interviewed until the company registration review is completed. The Embassy/Consulate will instruct applicant to schedule an interview appointment after finishing reviewing the registration documents.

No. The application fee is paid by all visa applicants before submitting the application. The issuance fee is only for certain nationalities, and is paid at the Embassy or Consulate at the time of the interview, if approved.

All visa applicants are required to pay the application fee. However, some nationalities are also required to pay an issuance fee.

The issuance fee is based on reciprocity and reflects the fees charged by your government for a similar service to a U.S. citizen.

Please see Reciprocity by Country in order to find out if you need to pay an issuance fee and how much it will be. It is based on the nationality of the passport you currently hold and the category of visa you are applying for. For instance, if you were born in Japan but hold an ABC country’s passport and are applying for a B1/B2 visa, you will have to pay the B1/B2 issuance fee for ABC country.

Payment of the issuance fee is by cash (U.S. dollars or Japanese Yen) or credit card. Please also be prepared to pay with cash if the credit card verification system is temporarily unavailable. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB or Discover. Credit card payments are billed in U.S. dollars. You will be advised further at the time of your visa interview.