Treaty Traders & Investors Visas (E Visas)

We are required to conduct a detailed review of every company wishing to obtain E visas. This review is carried out through the company registration.

To register your U.S. Company, detailed instructions can be found on our Treaty Traders & Investors Visa Registration webpage.

Processing time for the review of a new treaty trader/investor company takes two to three weeks. Incomplete applications may be subject to processing delays, so please review the listed requirements carefully before submitting your application.

Once the review is completed, applicant will be called in for an interview. Your eligibility to be granted E Visa will be determined at the time of interview. Issuance of E visa to the individual applicant is not guaranteed at this reviewing stage.

You will be contacted by the E Visa Unit for your interview date. Please wait for confirmation of your interview date before coming into the consular section.

After a company is registered, we will add the company’s name to the list of E companies for Japan. Employees of registered companies should apply for E visas following the same procedures as applicants of other visa categories.

Qualified companies will remain on the registry list as long as the companies keep their status as E visa qualified companies, and there is at least one (1) employee holding a current E Visa status.


Processing time for the review of properly filed treaty trader/investor registration applications takes several weeks. Incomplete applications may be subject to processing delays, so please review the listed requirements carefully before submitting your application.

No. Initial registration applications must be accompanied by an individual application.

Please allow at least one (1) week for processing. Visa processing time depends on the case. Some cases may longer to process. In peak summer and winter seasons, processing may take longer, so please plan ahead and apply well in advance of your travel date.

Please look at 9 FAM 402.9 – 5 (C) Substantial Trade.

Please look at 9 FAM 402.9 – 6 (D) Investment Must Be Substantial.

We do not accept visa applications from the U.S. If you are in the process of registering your company, the registration documents can be send to us from the U.S. However, you will be required to appear personally for an interview in Japan to apply for your visa.

We need an updated Form DS-156E that includes the past 3 years of non-consolidated financial statements or tax returns.

For companies that submit applications for multiple employees per year, please only include financial statements or tax returns with one application per year. Ideally, the financial statements would be sent with the first applicant after the financial statements are finalized or the tax returns are filed. Please be advised that we only accept individual financial statements only. Individual financial statements should not include the accounts of other U.S. entities (subsidiaries/ affiliates/ branch offices) in the U.S.

Please also be advised that form DS-156E should be created for each applicant and must be accurate and current.  Please see this link for information about how to fill out DS-156E (PDF 225KB) for details.

For supplemental documents, please refer to Visa Application for Registered Company.

Family members may work on derivative E visas if permission has been obtained in advance from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Study at academic institutions is possible on a derivative E visa.

If you remain in the U.S., you may change your employer by registering the change with DHS. If you leave the U.S. and intend to re-enter to the U.S. to start working for the new company, you will need a new E visa.

An E visa is not granted to the company automatically, even if the company is merged with a Japanese company. When the Japanese parent company changes, the new company registration is needed in most instances.