Interview Procedures

Mission Japan historically, do more visas in June, July, and August than any other months of the year. We have over 300 people a day coming to the Embassy in Tokyo for visa appointments. We do not want our customers standing in the sun for a long time. All customers have to go through a security screening process, and X-raying large bags, briefcases, backpacks and the like takes too much time. No electronics are allowed in the Embassy, and screening and checking multiple phones, iPads, computers and the like also takes too much time. To keep you from a long wait outside, and to speed up your time at the Embassy, we are no longer storing any of these items while you have your visa interview. We recognize this will cause inconvenience as you will need to store them at your own expense if you forget and bring them to the interview. But we believe the overall increase in the speed and efficiency of our screening, and the shorter time you will be at the Embassy for visa interview, will be worth it. Please plan now for our “Phone Only” screening process on the day of your visa interview.

Metro stations and train stations have coin operated lockers. In addition, there are similar facilities throughout Tokyo. Please note that for security reasons, you cannot leave baggage or belongings of any kind on the sidewalk or in public areas adjacent to the Embassy.

Yes, applicants with morning appointments must return by the time they are instructed on the day of their interview, otherwise they will need to make a new appointment for another day.

Generally, your profile will not be unlocked until the following day. Once your profile is unlocked, you will be able to make a new appointment.

No. You can use more than one clear holder, bound together, for your visa documents.

We understand Travel Agents must bring in large amounts of visa cases. The screening is for visa applicants only. Travel Agents are not visa applicants.

A Big back-pack is prohibited, but if you place a diaper to a small bag (less than 10”x10”), it will be allowed.