Fiance(e) Visas (K Visas)

If you wish to marry in the United States and live there after marriage, you need a fiancé(e) visa. If you wish to marry outside the United States and travel to the United States to take up residence, you will require an immigrant visa.

If the marriage will not take place within 90 days of the fiancé(e) visa applicant’s arrival in the United States, it will not be possible to process an application for a fiancé(e) visa.

An applicant for a fiancé(e) visa must apply for the visa at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate outside the United States as he/she is required to enter the United States on the fiancé(e) visa.

USCIS may grant permission for the alien fiancé(e) to take up employment in the United States before obtaining the US permanent resident status. To obtain employment authorization your fiancé(e) will need to file Form I-765 with the USCIS Service Center which covers his/her place of residence in the United States after his/her arrival there. Questions concerning employment should be directed to USCIS.

No.  The fiancé(e) visa petition cannot be filed until you are both legally free to marry. You will be required to wait until your fiancé(e)’s divorce is finalized.

A person travelling to the United States to marry a U.S. citizen with the intention of returning to his/her place of permanent residence abroad may apply for a visitor (B-2) visa, or if eligible, travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program. Evidence of a residence abroad to which the B-2 visa holder or visa free traveler intends to return should be carried for presentation to an immigration inspector at the port of entry.

Regarding marriage, you should contact USCIS for further information. If you leave the U.S. without first obtaining permission to re-enter the country, you will be required to apply for an immigrant visa in order to return. This could delay your return by several months.

If you intend taking up permanent residence in the United States, you are required to wait until the fiancé(e) visa is issued. You cannot reside in the United States on a tourist visa or visa free under the Visa Waiver Program while waiting the issuance of a fiancé(e) visa. If you wish to make a temporary visit after which you will return to your permanent residence outside the United States, you may travel on a tourist (B-2) visa, or visa free under the Visa Waiver Program, if eligible.

If applying for a B-2 visa, you are required to furnish evidence of your residence outside the United States to which you intend to return at the end of your temporary stay. Although a pending fiancé(e) visa application is not necessarily conclusive evidence of intent to abandon a Japanese residence, it is a factor considered by consular officers reviewing a visa application. If you are unable to convince the consular officer reviewing the application that you do not intend to abandon your current residence, you will not be issued a visa.

When travelling to the United States either with a visa or visa free under the Visa Waiver Program, you should be sure to carry with you for presentation to an immigration inspector evidence of your residence outside the United States.  If the immigration inspector is not convinced that you are a bona fide visitor for pleasure, you will be denied entry into the United States.

No. Please make sure to give all your documents to your fiancé(e), so that he/she can present them along with other required documents at the final interview.

Processing and mailing time takes approximately one week, so please allow enough time before your intended date of departure. Your passport and the visa packet will be mailed to your mailing address registered in your profile, please be sure that the address is correctly entered.  This includes members and dependents of the U.S. military, who must use their base’s local address if no other local address is available.

Some cases may require additional processing. We recommend you do not make final travel plans until you have received your passport and visa.

No. You can apply for a fiancé(e) visa only in Tokyo or Naha.