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Medical Examinations

Where and when will the medical examination take place?

Applicants for U.S. immigrant visas must undergo medical examinations at designated facilities. You should contact the facility directly to schedule an appointment. Please note that the exam must be completed before your immigrant visa interview.

Can my physician perform the medical examination?

No. The medical examination is performed by an Embassy approved panel physician.

I applied for an adjustment of status with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. A medical examination was performed at that time. Can I use this?

No. Even if you have already had a medical performed in connection with your application for an adjustment of status, you will still be required to attend a medical examination with the Embassy’s panel physician.

My spouse is in the military. I had a medical exam performed by the doctor on base. Can this be used?

No. Even if you have already had a medical performed by the base physician, you will still be required to attend a medical examination with the Embassy’s panel physician.

How much is the medical examination?

The cost for the examination varies by the required tests. Please contact the Embassy’s panel physician.

Can I pay the fee for the medical examination by credit card?

Please contact the facility directly for information on payment options.

What does the medical examination consist of?

The medical examination consists of a physical, chest X-ray, and a blood test, which includes testing for venereal disease. The blood test and X-ray are generally not required of persons under the age of 15. Please note that all immigrant visa applicants are required to fully disrobe during the examination.

If the applicant is pregnant must she have a chest x-ray?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires that women who are pregnant and required to have a medical examination in connection with the issuance of a visa, and are examined in a country currently using the 2007 TB Technical Instructions must have a chest x-ray examination conducted. Pregnant women will have to provide the panel physician with consent to conduct the chest x-ray. For the health of the applicant and her unborn child, CDC instructs panel physicians and laboratories to provide abdominal and pelvic protection with double layer, wrap-around lead shields when they receive the chest radiographs. If an applicant feels uncomfortable having a chest X-ray during her pregnancy, she may choose to delay her medical examination and visa interview until after the baby is born.

Does my child need to attend the medical examination?

Children, regardless of age, are required to attend the medical examination.

Will my child be required to undergo the same medical examination as an adult?

Yes, but the blood test and X-ray are generally not required of persons under the age of 15.

Do I require vaccinations?

If you are applying for an immigrant visa you will be required to have the necessary vaccinations. Although such vaccinations are not required for K visa issuance, they will be required when adjusting status to that of legal permanent resident following your marriage. Applicants are therefore encouraged to fulfill these vaccination requirements at the time of the medical examination.

What vaccinations do I require?

On the day of your medical the physician will be required to verify that you have met the vaccination requirement, or that it is medically inappropriate for you to receive one or more of the vaccinations:

Please see the list of required vaccination.

You should have your vaccination records available for the Embassy physician’s review at the time of your medical examination. If a vaccination record is not available, the doctor will help you in determining which vaccinations may be required. Certain waivers of the vaccination requirement are available upon the recommendation of the Embassy’s panel physician.

Will my child require vaccinations?

There are some vaccinations which will apply to your child. Please consult with a panel physician.

I do not wish to have/ I do not wish for my child to have some of the vaccinations. What should I do?

You should discuss it with the Embassy panel physician on the day of your medical examination.

How long is a medical exam report valid for?

Medical examinations conducted in connection with immigrant visa applications have a maximum validity of six months and must be valid when you enter the United States. The consular officer shall limit the visa’s validity to a period of validity of the medical examination. If the noncitizen cannot arrive in the United States within the validity of the medical examination, the noncitizen must repeat the examination.

Effective March 1, 2015, all components of the medical examination for visa applicants will be valid for either six months or three months, based on the tuberculosis (TB) evaluation. Previously, some non-TB evaluation components of the medical examination were valid for up to one year.

The designated clinic said they cannot confirm my case in their system, so that I cannot make an appointment yet. They said to contact the Embassy/Consulate. Can you help me?

You can inform the clinic that you are applying for a Diversity Visa (DV) or Fiancee (K) visa, your medical results are to be prepared on paper forms.

If you are applying for any other immigrant visa categories, your medical results will be submitted digitally to the Embassy/Consulate (called eMedical). Inform the clinic of your assigned case number (three letters followed by 10 digit numbers) and/or DS260 online application confirmation number (AA followed by numbers), so that they can find your case in the system.