How to Apply

Diversity Visa (DV) Immigrant Visa Processing Flow

For detailed information regarding DV application, please visit the State Department’s website.

Submit an Entry on the E-DV website (
(eg. 10/4/2016 – 11/7/2016 for DV-2018)

Selection Notice
Only available on the E-DV website
(eg. 5/2/2017 – 9/30/2018 for DV-2018)

If you are selected …
You can find the instructions through the E-DV website.
Check your qualifications for DV visa before continuing.

Submit DS-260 online application form
The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will review DS-260.

Submit supporting documents to KCC
(Checklist available on the U.S. Department of State travel website)

Appointment Notice (1-2 months prior to an appointment)
You will receive an email from KCC, but you need to log into the E-DV website to receive your appointment letter.
Visa interviews start on October 1. (See note below)

Get your medical examination done only after you have received an appointment letter from KCC.
Prepare for the Medical Examination. You should complete your medical examination before your interview with one of the approved physicians. Check our online list of approved physicians. The medical examination results must be brought to the visa interview in a sealed envelope.

Obtain two required Photos and a self-addressed return envelope “LetterPack Plus.”
You must provide two identical color photographs with white background which were taken within 6 months at the interview. Review Photograph Requirements for size and other specifications. A “LetterPack Plus” envelope can be purchased at post offices throughout Japan. Note:Applicants are not permitted to wear eyeglasses in photos.

Review the Interview Guidelines.
Please follow the guidelines on the day of your scheduled appointment.Review the Immigrant Visa Interview Frequently Asked Questions.
The FAQs should be able to answer most of your questions regarding how to prepare for the visa interview and what you should know when your visa is issued.

Visa Interview
* Applicants submit all required documents and pay the fee at the Embassy or Consulate.

Provided your visa is approved, your passport and immigrant visa package will be returned by mail.


  • Keep your confirmation numbers!The Department of State will not send DV selectees a notification letter or notify you of selection by email. Participants are required to check the status of their DV entry through Entrant Status Check using the confirmation numbers they received when they initially submitted their applications.
  • Successful entrants are encouraged to complete the online DS-260 application immediately, so that an interview appointment at the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate can be scheduled. Embassies and consulates only have a limited number of appointments each month for DV applicants, so it is vital that DV selectees start the visa process immediately.
  • The number of DV visas issued each year is limited by law. You will only be scheduled for an interview when and if there is a visa number available for you. There is no guarantee that all DV selectees will receive a visa number and attend an interview.
  • If you want to postpone your interview appointment, a visa number may not be available for your case after the month of your originally scheduled visa interview. To change your appointment, submit a request through the Embassy’s website.
  • Entitlement for the DV program expires on September 30 of the program year. In addition, if all of the 50,000 DV visas have been issued before that date, the program will end earlier. Entrants with “selected” status should act as soon as possible since the visa process can be lengthy.