Fingerprinting – Where To Go

U.S. CIS applications Please note that the Visa Branch of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates may not use the Visa Processing systems to electronically collect or check fingerprints for the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) of the Department of Homeland Security. With the exception of adoption cases (explained below), we are not permitted to collect and/or mail ink fingerprint cards for DHS services. The CIS office will inform you when and where to go for biometric services.
Adoption cases If you are a U.S. citizen resident in Japan, you may file the I-600A (Pre-adoption petition) for an adopted child or child to be adopted with the U.S. Embassy Tokyo. Otherwise, please follow the form I-600A instructions. Please contact the Visa Branch of the U.S. Embassy Tokyo by fax 03-3224-5929 to request an appointment to file the I-600A.
FBI criminal record checks The U.S. Embassy is not authorized to provide criminal history checks or respond to private requests to collect fingerprints from U.S. citizens for law enforcement or other purposes. Local police stations in Japan may be able to assist you with your fingerprinting needs, however it is not guaranteed. U.S. citizens currently in Japan or considering moving to Japan are advised to obtain fingerprints in the United States before departing or while returning for visits. Please visit the FBI website for further information. See the FBI web-site
Police Certificate – Japan (Resident in Tokyo) See the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department web-site The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
Police Certificate – Japan (Resident other than Tokyo) Contact the nearest Prefectural Police Headquarters The Prefectural Police Headquarters
Police Certificate – Japan (Resident in foreign country) Contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate The nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate
Police Certificate from foreign country to apply for US immigrant visa If you need to obtain a police certificate from a foreign country and fingerprints are required by the police authority of that country, please first contact the nearest Prefectural Police Headquarters or the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (if you live in Tokyo). If you are a military member or his/her family member, please contact your legal office. If none of the aforementioned authorities are able to assist you, the Visa Branch of the U.S. Embassy may take fingerprints without a fee. When you come to this office, please present a document indicating that you are applying for an immigrant visa or a fiancée visa to the U.S. (e.g. approval notice from USCIS, notice from National Visa Center or this office) together with your passport. The Visa Branch of U.S. Embassy Tokyo is open on Thursdays (excluding U.S. and Japanese holidays, and Visa Section Closures) from 14:30-15:30. Appointments are not required.
Police Certificate from a foreign country for foreign travel or permanent residency (other than U.S.) You may contact the Japanese police authority for assistance. Also, you may seek further information from the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign country in which you are applying for a visa. Contact the nearest police force which offers fingerprinting services.