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Re-entry Permit Receipt Status Check

This page is for those who have already applied for a re-entry permit at USCIS and are currently waiting to receive it at the Embassy in Tokyo. If you designated to receive your re-entry permit and wish to check if it has been received by the Consulates in Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka, or Naha please use this online inquiry form.

If you have not yet applied for a reentry permit, you may file Form I-131, Application for Travel Document at USCIS. You should file this application well in advance of your planned trip. Filing instructions and forms are available on the Web site at www.uscis.gov.

How can I check my status?

  1. Check your “Application/Petition/Request Number”. If you applied for a reentry permit and completed biometrics at a designated Application Support Center (ASC), you will receive the I-797C Notice of Action with a biometrics processing stamp. You will find the number at the top-right of the notice. You can check status of I-131 application on the USCIS website.
  2. Find your “Application/Petition/Request Number” in the list below. If you find your number on the list, that means the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo has received your re-entry permit. Please schedule an appointment and come to the Embassy to pick up your Re-entry Permit.

Bring the following items:

    • Appointment letter
    • Your I-797C, Notice of Action (photocopies acceptable)
    • Your passport
    • Green Card, if applicable

Note:  If your family will be coming to pick up the Re-entry Permit on your behalf, they will need to bring a letter of permission from you and their valid photo ID, in addition to the above items.

How to schedule an appointment

An appointment is required to pick up a reentry permit. Appointments are usually at 9:00 a.m. on Monday or Wednesday. The embassy is closed on Japanese and U.S. holidays and appointments are not available. Provide the following information to our call center to request an appointment.

Required information:

  • (1) Full name in English as it appears on the green card
  • (2) At least three (3) preferred appointment dates
  • (3) Telephone number in Japan where you can be reached

Our Contact information: https://ustraveldocs.com/jp/ja/contact-us/

Our limited appointment capacity may allow us to accommodate your requested appointment time.

Once we receive the above information, we will attempt to schedule your appointment, and you will receive an e-mail from “do-not-reply@usvisascheduling.com”, asking you to log in to the portal and confirm the information.  The e-mail will not indicate the date and time of your appointment.  If you do not have a profile in the log-in portal, please create a new profile by clicking “Sign up now” and log in to the portal to confirm the date and time of your appointment.

Note: Please be aware that e-mail notification from “do-not-reply@usvisascheduling.com” may be sent to your spam or junk mail folder. Please check your spam or junk mail folder regularly. 

If you do not find your number in the list, please check this webpage again later. We will update the list as soon as we receive Reentry Permits from the USCIS.

Last updated on Dec. 1, 2023

(Listed in order of number)

Application/Petition/Request Number
(See the top-right of your I-797C.)

  • LIN-20-905-41866
  • LIN-21-900-41675
  • LIN-21-902-31815
  • LIN-21-902-52374
  • LIN-21-902-75392
  • LIN-21-903-03847
  • LIN-21-903-11258
  • LIN-21-903-14368
  • LIN-21-903-33544
  • LIN-21-903-33811
  • LIN-21-903-33813
  • LIN-21-903-33814
  • LIN-21-903-51166
  • LIN-21-903-60229
  • LIN-21-903-61344
  • LIN-21-903-75750
  • LIN-21-903-81920
  • LIN-21-903-91478
  • LIN-21-904-12677
  • LIN-21-904-24149
  • LIN-21-904-24606
  • LIN-21-904-24929
  • LIN-21-904-36287
  • LIN-21-904-40789
  • LIN-21-904-41317
  • LIN-21-904-65047
  • LIN-21-904-70517
  • LIN-21-904-75939
  • LIN-21-904-79731
  • LIN-21-904-93326
  • LIN-21-904-98674
  • LIN-21-905-00251
  • LIN-21-905-00252
  • LIN-21-905-09856
  • LIN-22-900-01719
  • LIN-22-900-04900
  • LIN-22-900-09396
  • LIN-22-900-12173
  • LIN-22-900-45253
  • LIN-22-900-45637
  • LIN-22-900-46251
  • LIN-22-900-62940
  • LIN-22-900-63178
  • LIN-22-900-75946
  • LIN-22-900-89149
  • LIN-22-900-89150
  • LIN-22-900-89151
  • LIN-22-900-90651
  • LIN-22-900-95810
  • LIN-22-901-12591
  • LIN-22-901-20774
  • LIN-22-901-24039
  • LIN-22-901-30071
  • LIN-22-901-30072
  • LIN-22-901-35881
  • LIN-22-901-44999
  • LIN-22-901-47133
  • LIN-22-901-47134
  • LIN-22-901-51912
  • LIN-22-901-51913
  • LIN-22-901-51985
  • LIN-22-901-52632
  • LIN-22-901-59267
  • LIN-22-901-60788
  • LIN-22-901-61030
  • LIN-22-901-62093
  • LIN-22-901-62219
  • LIN-22-901-63175
  • LIN-22-901-63177
  • LIN-22-901-64591
  • LIN-22-901-66426
  • LIN-22-901-69182
  • LIN-22-901-70766
  • LIN-22-901-70767
  • LIN-22-901-71113
  • LIN-22-901-73511
  • LIN-22-901-77845
  • LIN-22-901-80074
  • LIN-22-901-80153
  • LIN-22-901-82011
  • LIN-22-901-84357
  • LIN-22-901-84550
  • LIN-22-901-85247
  • LIN-22-901-86559
  • LIN-22-901-86802
  • LIN-22-901-86803
  • LIN-22-901-89242
  • LIN-22-901-92852
  • LIN-22-901-93253
  • LIN-22-901-95308
  • LIN-22-901-96080
  • LIN-22-901-98374
  • LIN-22-902-00645
  • LIN-22-902-01134
  • LIN-22-902-01200
  • LIN-22-902-01429
  • LIN-22-902-01430
  • LIN-22-902-01431
  • LIN-22-902-01432
  • LIN-22-902-03632
  • LIN-22-902-03665
  • LIN-22-902-04808
  • LIN-22-902-04809
  • LIN-22-902-06100
  • LIN-22-902-06101
  • LIN-22-902-06966
  • LIN-22-902-07963
  • LIN-22-902-10168
  • LIN-22-902-10614
  • LIN-22-902-12586
  • LIN-22-902-16775
  • LIN-22-902-16776
  • LIN-22-902-19805
  • LIN-22-902-23145
  • LIN-22-902-25891
  • LIN-22-902-28484
  • LIN-22-902-29411
  • LIN-22-902-31184
  • LIN-22-902-32831
  • LIN-22-902-33066
  • LIN-22-902-33872
  • LIN-22-902-38664
  • LIN-22-902-40307
  • LIN-22-902-40308
  • LIN-22-902-44917
  • LIN-22-902-49193
  • LIN-22-902-51444
  • LIN-22-902-52411
  • LIN-22-902-54004
  • LIN-22-902-54692
  • LIN-22-902-58741
  • LIN-22-902-60790
  • LIN-22-902-62964
  • LIN-22-902-62965
  • LIN-22-902-64154
  • LIN-22-902-65844
  • LIN-22-902-67453
  • LIN-22-902-67479
  • LIN-22-902-67739
  • LIN-22-902-67871
  • LIN-22-902-70233
  • LIN-22-902-70587
  • LIN-22-902-73609
  • LIN-22-902-73630
  • LIN-22-902-74452
  • LIN-22-902-76996
  • LIN-22-902-79090
  • LIN-22-902-79155
  • LIN-22-902-81418
  • LIN-22-902-85787
  • LIN-22-902-88957
  • LIN-23-900-21373
  • LIN-23-900-27954
  • LIN-23-902-38804