Medical Examinations

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Applicants for U.S. immigrant visas must undergo medical examinations at designated facilities. Applicants are responsible for making their own arrangements for the medical examination in time to suit their travel plans. Applicants must bring a passport or another photograph-bearing travel document, any vaccination records, and four(4) passport-sized photographs (30 mm x 40 mm). You may obtain the medical examination forms from the doctor of designated facilities. Contact lens-wearers should not wear lenses to the examination. Please be sure to bring the lenses and any accompanying solution to the appointment. Please note that all immigrant visa applicants are required to fully disrobe during the examination.

The medical examination may include a chest X-ray and blood tests, which includes testing for venereal diseases.

The fee for the medical examination is set in the agreement between the panel physician and the Embassy, and it varies by required tests and vaccinations.

Note: Medical examinations conducted in connection with immigrant visa applications have a maximum validity of six months. Visa validity cannot be later than medical examination validity: most visas are set to expire on the same date as the medical examination. If the alien cannot arrive in the United States before the expiration date of the medical examination, the alien must repeat the examination so that a valid visa may be issued.