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Returning Resident Visa

All immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age, are required to visit the Embassy or Consulate in person for a formal visa interview. If you cannot keep the appointment, please notify our offices immediately.

Check the date and time of your interview. The time on the appointment letter is the time to arrive at the Embassy gate. It is not the time for your interview with the visa officer. You are only allowed to come to the gate 10 minutes before the appointment time. Arriving too late may result in cancellation of your appointment.

Do not send anything to the Embassy or Consulate. Bring all pertinent documents to the interview. If you fail to bring all the required documents or have incomplete forms, your appointment may be cancelled.

If you wish to retain an original document, you must bring a photocopy with the original. We will return the original to you after the interview by request. It is strongly recommended that applicants keep a duplicate file copy of all documents submitted in connection with the application. The embassy does not provide copying services.

Only applicants with scheduled appointments will be admitted to the Embassy/Consulate, with the exception of children under 18 years of age accompanied by a parent and assistants for the disabled.

All visitors to the Embassy/Consulate are subject to an airport-type screening. When planning your visit, bring only what is needed for your business with us. If you have items with you that cannot be taken into the Embassy/Consulate, your entry (and the entry of those in line behind you) will be delayed. Due to security measures, you may have to wait a considerable amount of time outside the Embassy/Consulate. Please dress for the weather.

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