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Vaccination Requirements

United States immigration law requires immigrant visa applicants to obtain certain vaccinations prior to the issuance of an immigrant visa.

Panel physicians who conduct medical examinations of immigrant visa applicants are required to verify that immigrant visa applicants have met the vaccination requirements, or that it is medically inappropriate for the visa applicant to receive one or more of the vaccinations.

In order to assist the panel physician and to avoid delays in the processing of the immigrant visa, all immigrant visa applicants should have their vaccination records available for the panel physician to review at the time of the medical examination. Visa applicants should consult with their regular health care provider to obtain a copy of their immunization record, if available.

If you do not have a vaccination record, the panel physician will work with you to determine which vaccinations you may need to meet the requirement. Certain waivers of the vaccination requirement are available upon the recommendation of the panel physician.

Only a physician can determine which of the listed vaccinations are medically appropriate for you, given your age, medical history and current medical condition.

While there are no vaccination requirements for K visa applicants, they will be required when adjusting status to legal permanent resident status following marriage. K visa applicants are, therefore, encouraged to fulfill these vaccination requirements at the time of the medical examination.

Note: Vaccinations and antibody test fees are not included in the medical examination fee.

Beginning October 1, 2021, all immigrant (excluding K visas) applicants must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 for the medical examination to be considered complete. Some waivers for the COVID vaccination will still be applicable, including if the vaccine is not age appropriate. Panel physicians will begin screening applicants for age-appropriate COVID-19 vaccinations on October 1, 2021. Medical exams completed prior to that date will not be subject to this requirement, regardless of when the immigrant visa is issued and when the traveler enters the United States. Additional information is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Please also note that:

  • All applicants with symptoms of COVID-19 should be tested for COVID-19 and must postpone the immigrant visa medical examination until they have met recovery criteria to end isolation.
  • Close contacts of persons with COVID-19 should also be tested and must postpone the medical examination until quarantine criteria have been met.
  • Screening testing of asymptomatic applicants for COVID-19 as part of the immigrant medical evaluation may be required at the discretion of the panel physician.